At CTA, we facilitate a full script-to-screen production service, with an optional second service that entails viewership tracking of your online video. Here's our stage-by-stage process:


We work closely with you on to write a compelling script for your video. Conveying your message and concept effectively, we'll sign off only when you're content with how it'll be presented.


After we've spent time together to develop that (including our own time to write it - we don't want to take up too much of yours!), our director will then take the final, agreed draft of the script, and translate it into a creative shot list; visualizing it in a cinematic fashion.


A shot list is a detailed order of camera angles with notes on how each will be filmed (movement, size, action) and how they'll be cut together in the eventual edit.

Your full input will be incorporated along the way to avoid any unwanted surprises, and will be set out in a way to bring high production values to create a 'mini-movie' for your company. More importantly, it will serve to communicate your message in the best possible way. This takes precedence throughout.


As a production company, we're proud to be the first in the North East (and several other regions) to establish a local pool of professional presenters.

At present, we have 3; ASHLEIGH, DAN and SOPHIE, all with diverse and unique personalities. A strong set of performers that will bring dynamic character to your video, to convey once again, that message across to the audience!

This is an optional part of production, so if you feel you'd rather have a video without their presence on-screen (including voiceover), we can do that.

We would however advise against this, and recommend one of them to convey some information about your product or service.

Please check out their profiles to learn more about them. Be sure to watch their 'pitch videos'. They've been written to win you over personally with their on-screen personas.


Once we're agreed on the shot list and signed off on that (we want you and us to be on the same page visually), a professional crew will visit your establishment (along with any other agreed locations) to shoot the video as set out.

Produced and directed in accordance with our mission statement, it will bear high production values with a cinematic flair, supporting the 'star of the show'; your message.


On conclusion of filming, a thorough post-production process will follow; assembling, cutting and polishing the shot footage. We'll complete a near-final cut complying to the brief set out by you, and a customary preview to address any concerns you may have.

Further time will be spent adjusting the cut to incorporate changes, before a final picture cut is locked with a refined sound mix.

Bespoke motion graphics, animation and original music can also be provided, however to keep production costs down, and avoid copyright lawsuits from record companies, we recommend you choose a library music track where no royalties are due.

We have access to some of the biggest music libraries boasting pieces (of the same length as a record) from all genres & eras. We'll compile a selection of the best tracks according to the brief.


Finally, when all's said and done, and the final edit has been approved, we'll make delivery of the completed video; mastered to YouTube and Vimeo specifications to avoid any buffering & streaming problems.


Following delivery, we offer an additional optional service. A detailed analytics service - what we call "The Online Ratings". We can facilitate the deployment of your video across all major platforms; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and your own website.

If you don't have a YouTube account, we can provide that for you as the "Video Channel" of your company. We do require access to your social media accounts in order to fulfil Facebook and Twitter, but the utmost discretion will be maintained with login details.

Once we have access, we'll implement the most recommended Video Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) practices to insure the right people; the people who you're looking to target, find the video with ease and watch it.

Over a period of 4 weeks, we'll assess and evaluate data gathered from the ratings, determining how many hits and shares it's received; when, where and how it's being viewed, and how often amongst other stats.

At the end of the 4th week, the data will be compiled into a concise report, serving to finesse your online video strategy further, and make it even more compelling.

If an online video is to be well-made, it takes time, skill and cost. But from that, you'll have a compelling, distinctive and entertaining film, that you'll be proud of showcasing with the marketing materials you have already.

Having a professionally-produced video that tells your message clearly and excitingly, will establish credibility for your company; serving not only as a true reflection of you and your business, but your own unique approach. What's different about you.

THAT will be the difference that drives your customers to YOU, rather than the competition. We're fully aware it's a ruthless, 'dog-eat-dog' world, and you can be sure that we'll be behind you every step of the way in making an eye-catching, attention-grabbing film for your enterprise.

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