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CTA PRODUCTIONS is a video production company in Newcastle (North East England). Established to produce promotional film with a cinematic sensibility, our mandate is to bring good, simple storytelling through wholesome visuals; leaving out the clever gimmicky to promote businesses with clarity.


Shooting in a filmic style, we aim to generate high levels of engagement for businesses through video marketing. It's a medium that's now the go-to line of advertising, separating those who use it to success, from those who ignore its potential; ultimately missing out.


The opportunity to use video in your marketing campaign can kickstart and expand your reach. It can heighten email, phone and social media traffic, and lead to greater sales and revenue. 


The effectiveness of the medium has never been higher, and if handled effectively with a strong CTA (a CALL-TO-ACTION), the only thing the public will be saying is: "I want to go there" (no matter what the product or service), rather than the competition. Your competition.


Video has become a core, commanding part of advertising. When done right, it'll bear the authenticity, ethos and passion of your business, and strike an emotional chord with prospective customers. It goes a long way into making your business stand out, presenting a strong first impression to the world, and fully engaging with those customers.


We all love film. We watch it on a regular basis. It's something we react to instantly; the combination of moving images and sounds. Riveting and entertaining, to the point where we forget about everything else and invest our self into just 1 minute of footage, it has the edge and power over photography and text.


Go beyond the norm and lend your company that same element.


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